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Meal Me In

Easiest way to create a community meal plan for a loved one, neighbor or stranger in their time of need.

Speech Peek

Dramatically improve your students’ speaking and listening abilities through online exercises and personalized feedback.


Design your wedding seating chart online and share it with the people who need it the most.


Android sound manager - silent your phone quickly for work, automatically turn on wifi at home, and create a vibrate profile for other occasions..

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Remove QA Git Tags

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We use a hybrid of semantic versioning at work, and tag releases with each deployment to QA.  After a production deployment, the QA tags are fairly useless, so I like to clean them up to keep the tags fairly clean.

Here’s a little script that will delete QA tags (which are denoted by a 4th decimal #):

Pruning Git Branches

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Git branches are cheap and fun… until you have so many you can’t remember which branches have been merged into develop.

Here’s a little script that will find and delete local & remote branches that have been merged into develop or master:

SAVEPOINT Exception With Rails 3.1 on Jenkins

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SQLite3::SQLException: near “SAVEPOINT”: syntax error: SAVEPOINT active\_record\_1

Was getting the above error, and found that I needed to upgrade CentOS default version of sqlite.  Pretty simple right?