Don’t Be Fooled – Google’s Android Is Evil

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Apparently, Google is not satisfied with just being the world’s leading smart phone platform.  They now are ensuring years of domination by indoctrinating young minds with a cartoon on Nick Jr, called Team Umizoomi. The team is composed of three young superheroes – Milli (superhero girl), Geo (superhero boy) and an adorable robot named “Bot” – who looks curiously like the Android logo.

One can imagine that Android will be alluring the throngs to young people as they relive the warm and fuzzy feelings of their youth.  Tsk, tsk, Google… what happened to “Don’t be evil”?***

Brothers - Android and Bot ***  This of course is completely tongue in cheek, as I love my Android phone, and my son loves his Team Umizoomi.  Wait… what?