Capping Crashplan Memory Usage on Mac OS X

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Crashplan was using a ton of memory even when no backups were running or scheduled to run.  I found this on the crashplan support forums.  But it seems to me this should just be an advanced setting in the client somehow.

A work around is this:  CrashPlan doesn’t actually NEED all that ram, it’s not using it.  Shrink the amount allowed to something smaller.. 80MB, 100MB, etc.  How much you need depends on how much you’re backing up.  I would start at 100MB and work from there.  You’ll know you’ve gone too low if you get out of memory errors in the log.  For small backup sets, you can do 50MB.

edit this file: (in terminal)

sudo vi /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.crashplan.engine.plist





restart engine for memory settings to take affect:

sudo launchctl stop com.crashplan.engine

With the above fix, memory usage has been way down so far.  We’ll see if it stays that way.