Photoaffections – Great Product, Poor Service

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Photoaffections has great products, good prices, and lousy service. I’ll admit, I messed up the original order on the website. Literally minutes after I hit ‘submit order’, and I called them up and requested some changes to the text of the card. I requested a digital proof of the card, and they told me that it would arrive before the cards were shipped.

However they just decided to ship it two days later. I then tried to contact them to get a proof sent to me, so I know what’s coming. If it’s all wrong I need to re-order the card.

And that’s when the fun started.

Over chat they told me their system showed that I received a proof and I approved it, which was incorrect. They then said that since the order had shipped I couldn’t get a proof.

Finally they told me I would get a proof in 24 hours… but no dice. I’m still waiting. In all, this could be great, or it could be a nightmare… I have no idea until I get a proof.

Jewel: [8:56:22 AM] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
chris: [8:57:47 AM] Order #**
[8:57:53 AM] can you send me a digital proof?
[8:57:35 AM] The agent on saturday told me over the phone that a proof would be emailed before the order was shipped, but it looks like the order was already shipped
Jewel: [8:59:13 AM] Hi, Chris.
[8:58:40 AM] I will be more than happy to check on that for you.
[9:00:09 AM] Upon checking, it shows that you order has been shipped today.
chris: [8:59:51 AM] can you send me a proof?
Jewel: [9:00:22 AM] We can no longer send you a proof for the order has benn shipped already.
chris: [9:00:31 AM] are you kidding!?
[9:00:49 AM] I need to know whether I need to order new cards
[9:00:53 AM] before the cards come
[9:01:34 AM] The agent on saturday told me that a proof would come before they were shipped!!!
Jewel: [9:03:09 AM] It shows that the we sent you a proof via email and you approved it.
chris: [9:02:53 AM] That is absolutely incorrect
[9:03:13 AM] Can you just send me a proof?
[9:03:41 AM] I wouldn’t be asking for a proof if I already got it and approved it.
Jewel: [9:07:22 AM] May I please ask if you requested to receive a proof when you ordered the cards?
chris: [9:07:10 AM] I requested a proof when I spoke to the agent on the phone on Sat
[9:07:20 AM] they told me one would be sent by Monday
[9:07:33 AM] I dont’ understand why you can’t send me a proof
[9:07:55 AM] I dont’ understand how your system can show I approved a proof, when I never received one.
[9:09:52 AM] Can’t you just send me a digital proof so I know what I’m getting? Why is this so painful for you?
[9:10:23 AM] Hello?
Jewel: [9:11:11 AM] I’ll check if we can send a proof, Chris.
[9:10:51 AM] Please give me a few minutes to check on this for you.
chris: [9:13:08 AM] You’re only checking on this now!?
Jewel: [9:13:34 AM] I will need to get in touch with my support to check if we can still do that since the order has been shipped already.
[9:19:40 AM] Thank you for waiting.
[9:20:57 AM] Chris, we will send you a link to your proof via email notification.
[9:22:10 AM] Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[9:24:41 AM] Are you still there?
chris: [9:26:12 AM] When can I expect the proof to arrive?
Jewel: [9:27:49 AM] Please expect the proof within 24 hours, Chris.

32 hours later… there is no proof. So back to chatting with photoaffections, and miraculously I’m back with Jewel! YAY!

Jewel: [3:12:47 PM] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
Chrsi: [3:13:13 PM] I’m looking for my proof
[3:13:19 PM] i was promised a proof on saturday
[3:13:22 PM] and it never arrived
[3:13:35 PM] I was promised another proof yesterday
[3:13:39 PM] and I still don’t have it
Jewel: [3:13:39 PM] Hi, Chris.
[3:14:01 PM] I will be more than happy to check on that for you.
[3:15:50 PM] May I please have the order number?
Chrsi: [3:15:57 PM] 170768
[3:18:49 PM] hello?
[3:18:59 PM] are you still there jewl?
Jewel: [3:18:47 PM] Thank you.
Chrsi: [3:20:02 PM] yes?
Jewel: [3:20:59 PM] I am seeing that you already spoke with one of our representatives regarding the proof. A message has been sent to our designers and you’ll receive a link to your proof via email notification once they’re done.
Chrsi: [3:21:23 PM] I spoke to someone else named Jewel via chat
[3:21:28 PM] they said 24 hours
[3:21:45 PM] its been 3 days since the original request
[3:22:46 PM] chris: [9:26:12 AM] When can I expect the proof to arrive?
Jewel: [9:27:49 AM] Please expect the proof within 24 hours, Chris.
[3:22:58 PM] that was from yesterday
[3:23:04 PM] hello?
Jewel: [3:23:14 PM] Please give me a few minutes to check on this for you.
Chrsi: [3:25:21 PM] hello?
[3:27:43 PM] Anything?
Jewel: [3:28:31 PM] Chris, I really apologize for the inconvenience. Actually, I have sent a follow up to our designers so they can email you a copy of the proof.
[3:28:49 PM] I am going to send them again a message that you urgently needs the proof.
[3:35:19 PM] Are you still there?’
Chrsi: [3:35:12 PM] yeah.
[3:35:18 PM] when will I get a proof
[3:35:40 PM] its been 3 days
Jewel: [3:35:34 PM] Expect the proof today for I said that you really need to see it asap.
Chrsi: [3:36:00 PM] and someone lied and indicated in your system that approved a proof I’ve never seen
[3:36:14 PM] today = by midnight EST?

Update 1: Roughly five days after my initial order, I received the cards in the mail, and they were wrong.  So I called them, was put on hold for a while, so I jumped on their online chat *again.*  Reordering was absolutely painless and they said they would deliver them.  But due to the timing between when I wrote chats / received responses and speaking on the call (I stepped out of the room so my colleagues wouldn’t hear all my nonsense), I think two re-orders went through.  I didn’t realize this until after I hung up on the phone, and when the person answered the chat.

Update 2: YAY!  Finally, two days later (7-8 days after original order) I received the cards.  They. Were. Perfect.

Update 3: Yup, the second re-order came.  And lo and behold… they were wrong again.  Not sure which one came from the phone versus the web chat…

Final Update: I got the cards.  A little later than I expected, but they finally came, and I have two other large boxes of incorrect Christmas cards.  Again – great product (the cards are awesome) but if not for my original mistake, the experience could have been better.